Let us pray,

God, I thank thee for my family and friends

Thank you for guiding one in your light

I give thee my word I’ll love them until the very end

Please bless everyone I love from here on, starting tonight

I’ve touched peoples hearts while on my righteous path

My heart is of purity so that’s the love I give back

I brightened and helped many all that one could

There are those who speak of love, yet a heart they lack

One gives thanks for helping my heart to grow

I know I’m not perfect, I give my all and try

Showed me everything was dark because my eyes were once closed

I’ll forever be an honorable man, until the day I die

There were times you sent help along my way

I almost had lost my faith but now I understand

I didn’t see it before I just pushed them astray

I was pushed to my limits to become the person that I am

I’ll face all storms that come with you here next to me

If I have to endure endless pain so my loved ones can live in light

Please give me your strength and love to sustain

Send there pain my way just promise me they’ll be alright


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


You are the first beat of my heart

The foundation of my conception of love

When I come to think of what a queen should be

You’re the only one I come to think of

I will always be your one

Forever in my mind you are my ten

You come first and never second to none

You are my breath in my lungs within

You may never come to understand

Why my heart only beats for you

You have my word to forever be your man

To understand and trust me to be true

You’re mine with your perfect imperfections

Angel of my heart that will always have a place

I care for you unconditionally without question

You are my one and only I could never replace

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


You will always be the one I cared for

The one that didn’t believe my intentions real

The one that brought me happiness

Then came to take away emotions I could feel

Once you were my all in my life

Later you came to fade away

My day that now turned to night

Erased from my heart where you once stayed

The pain I will always carry inside

But the memories I shall never forget

Happiness at one time I will not lie

All I was put through I still refuse to neglect

You may have done me wrong

I’m not perfect and no one to judge

Through the storm I stood strong

To forgive is to show that you I once loved

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Let us pray,

I was placed here to do your job Lord

My work for you is not yet quite done

To live at times one must suffer

I know in your eyes though I’m forever your son

I have faith that one day the time will come

My spirituality will shine brighter than the stars

It’s not about who’s what

At that time it’ll show that everything is ours

One day the message will become also clear

For everything takes time even years

Have to hold onto faith and push forward

During life after tears will be turned into cheers

I know I must stand strong and fight harder

Even more so than I’ve ever done before

Because deep within my mind and soul

A battle’s going on the beginning of a war

Raging inside me between good and evil

I have to be careful of those who I see lie

They may smile but are not really happy

When I’m at a weak point they’ll just let me die

So I pay attention to all that you say

When in need I know you to be by my side

I know you to be there with me night and day

From the evil I shall not run and hide


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Some of the smartest people that come to mind

Are only smart by the way the words are defined

For you see the test is rigged nothing less

In order to stop the evolution of human kind

The scientist can’t even explain the pyramids

People watch as corruption over throw villages

Stereotyping that which they don’t quite understand

Destroying our youths minds down to the youngest of kids

Babies, having babies, now they all feel as they are grown

Teach them there roots but only a portion is even known

They’re mind is blinded to understand where they come from

Put the worst on display for the world to see that’s all they’re shown

The rich occupy most the land, while homeless are without home

Enough food to feed the world yet there are those just skin and bone

This is just my perception of what I’ve come to open up and see

I’m spiritually inclined to see the truth for my mind is my own

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales