I love you because you’re my all

Because one can’t help but to

Through summer, winter, spring and fall

My heart belongs to only you

I love you undoubtedly

With all that one can

Honored to have you next to me

I will love you till the end understand

For this love I have to give

Belongs to no other one

My love shall forever live

You are my stars, moon and sun

I love you without rest

Pure is ones heart not lust

The reason I love you would be endless

I love you because

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Millions can catch our eyes

It takes someone special to catch ones heart

In life the biggest prize

Is to enjoy it until the end from start

For every moment I spend with you

Makes one proud to be where I am

Our hearts beating as one that is true

By your side forever is where I stand

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales