The purpose of life is happiness

Which is sustained by hope

To love one another endless

Help each other live life and cope

There is no guarantee about the future

We exist and pray for something better

For we are all God’s children

We must learn to live as one together

Hope is to keep going no matter what

Thinking and believing it can be done

Bringing inner strength, self confidence within

With God by your side the obstacle is none

Keep your heart within you soft

Let not the world make you hard

Don’t get lost in all the chaos

For you are above it not a part

Don’t let pain bring upon you hate

Nor bitterness steal your sweet

When hard times come, hold onto faith

For evil will always meet defeat

The gift of life is for you and me

At times trials and tribulations we may face

Even though the world may disagree

I still believe in it to be a beautiful place

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I hold you tightly promise you the world

Promise to love you up until the end

You’ve always loved me said you’ll be my girl

Been with you by your side since way back then

I still look at you and remember

Made love as the temperature was hot as could be

That afternoon you chose to surrender

You said “Promise you aren’t lying to me”

I never felt those feeling we felt

Our love’s true I caressed and held you

Heart’s as one we began to melt

To taste your sugar, let the climax melt you

You’re always there in all of my thoughts

I can feel you when you’re far away right here in me

Within my soul without you I feel I may be lost

Loving you forever is instilled endlessly

I’ll do my all to keep you by my side

Make love to your soul, heart and mind

Grab a hold for this mental, emotional ride

In your hour of need I’ll be there every time

We’ll support one another to reach our dreams

Reaching beyond what we every thought of

Forever by your side as a part of my team

In a world of hate I provide unconditional love

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I love you so much my dear

More than words could show

With all my heart I love you

Beyond anything you could ever know

I am no where near perfect

For you though I give my all

Except me for all my imperfections

I give my word I’ll never let you fall

If the day comes when you want me gone

As you wish I will disappear

For you see as long as you are happy

As a ghost I’ll be gone no longer here

I am but a gift for only you

To grant your every wish

Help you through your thick and thin

Yet I yearn for just your kiss

I’ve been there for you from start

I’ll be there until the very end

If someone were to break your heart

You can have mine so a new can begin

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


What if I told thee I’m an angel

One was sent here to love you

Would you consider the notion

That these words I spoke are true

I was sent here on a mission

To protect you and never do one wrong

Grant thee every wish while I listen

By thy side is where one should belong

For look at ones resume and see

Each word one has said to be real

Forever has this love been in me

To you I now choose to reveal

In your deepest time of need

I’ll always be there for you

To guide and help one succeed

As your angel that’s what I’ll do

The glow I see in you is of dreams

This love I have for you I shall not hide

If one should have to give up his wings

I’d have done it yesterday to remain by thy side

For I will protect you night and day

All my love for you is forever true

Place your hand on my heart, you feel that

That space in between it’s beat is meant for you

Through it all I may not be an angel

But I’ll be your angel from the start

Angel or not I’ll promise you this

I’ll always be the angel of your heart

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


       Today is the day I feel is my spiritual elevation. I’ve released all the pain contained within to cleanse myself of sin. My heart, mind and soul have come to pass beyond all damage done throughout the years. The only thing that could stop me before was myself, for I myself am my own worst enemy. I have come to change my perspective in life to get a better understanding of it and the complexity of living it. I now view and accept all flaws and missteps that happen in life. At this point I feel nothing shall stop me, I’ve moved beyond all the negativity. The love in my heart is unconditional for I have God contained within it. With God I shall let no obstacles stop me from achieving my goals and sharing love. As a seed of love I come to plant within all I come to know during life so that the love can continue to spread. For that energy which we put out always comes back to us full circle. So, isn’t right we put out love to receive it back? We must learn to cherish each breath taken for we never know when it’ll be our last. I wish the best upon all for happiness should be found by all not just some. I pray for all to be blessed this is a new beginning to another chapter in life for this is my rebirth.

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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