I say “I love you”

And all can hear it

I feel you from a distance

As if my heart is near it

I need your love

Because this world’s dark

Concrete growing rose

Together forever, never apart

My heart full of thorns

Because once neglected

The road has been cleared

Now love infected

The world is at an end

Every moment apart

Blessed I am to be

Guardian of your heart

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales



Heaven sent

Angel in disguise

My one and only

You hold my eyes

Luscious are ones lips

Beauty can not contain

Tender is thy kiss

Control hard to maintain

Skin soft as silk

Smile to brighten the sky

Proud of my lady

That I won’t deny

Blessed to be your man

Wake up by your side

An angel you truly are

My love shall never hide

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


My love is like a rose

I’m yours and you’re mine

Our love continuously grows

To you I give all my time

You ask me how much I love you

I say count the waves in the sea

For the love I have is true

Forever loving you endlessly

No matter where you are

Within me I hold you here

You’re a sun amongst stars

Surrounded by pebbles you appear

Our connection is that of real

In a language spoken with the heart

The way you make me feel

Can’t help but love you every part

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


So true is the love

We have for one another

My only love you are

For there is no other

Our love comes to be

Of a unique, different kind

I love you sincerely

Heart, body and mind

For if you are my sky

I come to be your stars

My heart beats for only you

No matter where you are

As the sun comes to rise

I’m within you all around

Look deep inside me

Forever you will be found

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


You’re the love of my life

Touch me down to my soul

I love you endlessly

More than words can show

No matter where we are

We’re never far apart

Our love is that of true

Always here in my heart

This love for one another

Fine wine better in time

My heart is yours no other

So honored to say your mine

I’ll love you until the end

Without you there’s no start

Forever you’re my girl

The one to hold my heart

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


You’ll always be my girl

My beautiful lady

My woman you are

I come to love only you

Love of my life

My all you are by far

The wind whispers

The sound of you voice

My heart beats profound

My love is yours

360 degrees

Completely all around

You’re my one and only

True love you are

Angel of a face

You mean everything

Always within my heart

Forever is your place

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I am but just one person

Openly showing you my heart

For I don’t know how to be another

Pure as they come from the start

What I have within me is real

 So I need not come to lie

Not one to hide how I feel

I love you and I shall not deny

Our life comes to be too short

To hesitate in a moment in time

I openly hand you my heart

To prove I am of a different kind

For to love is to live life

To live life is to come to love

I am angel to only your heart

To all other things you are above

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardain7Angel” L. Perales