Ask me to write you something

I will come forth and I will

Spill out the truth to you here

It shall be revealed not concealed

Would you like to know my heart

How pure it has come to you to be

Unconditional it’s been from the start

Looks for another to love it endlessly

Take a journey within my mind

See the honestly contained within

Thoughts of love of a different kind

Why my heart refuses to let in sin

Now lets go deep into my soul

The way I feel here resides

Uncover all that needs to be told

Yet I’m refined nothing shall I hide

So now you’ve travel deep within me

Come to explore me head to toe

I am of a different kind you now see

That’s why my light shines forever glows

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Friend of mine you are never alone

For you shall never be forgotten

If I lost you I’d over throw every stone

Your friendship has me spoiled rotten

For the days of our hours that past

Until the sands come to stop in time

Our bond to one another shall forever last

I come to you friend of a different kind

Since the moment we first met

The connection was already there

I promised you never to neglect

Pure of heart I show how much I care

For if ever you are in deed in need

I will rush to be by your side

If ever lost I shall come to lead

In me you can always come to confide

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


If at my last moment one could just come

To touch upon that of your skin

Taste on the burning lips of your mouth

I could now have died in peace right then

At that moment would you tremble as you see

Would one cry when watching me suffer

Would your life you give up for me freely

The way I would give it up for you like no other

Would you swear that you’ll forever be mine

Or would you just lie to me, run and hide

Know that I’ll be by your side until end of time

I just pray my heart you don’t come to deny

If you understood how deep I feel for you

So strong inside it kills me within

My intentions have always been sincerely true

I’d give you my heart openly let one in

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I come to miss you at times

My brain tries to make my heart forget

About how much I care for you

If you cared the same or have regret

I remember the curves of ones body

Down to even the speck in your eyes

Accurately enough to cause insanity

But true feeling in me forever lie

Do you remember the late nights

We talked about anything and everything

How much in my heart I held you tight

Everyday I awoke I could hear birds sing

Those memories are inside my minds wall

Yet I hold my breath as to avoid the pain

For without you my heart begins to fall

I see no sunshine now trapped in rain

The pain craws through my veins

Throughout my organs and nerves

Weeping is my blood hard to maintain

Destroying ones heart with lost of words

I wonder if seeing you once more

Would make the pain all stop

That chapter in life close the door

My heart beat back to the top

You were the breath I couldn’t catch

Even when I moved forward there in mind

Heart beat slowing send out a dispatch

For the blood within can no longer find

My heart now shallow inside

The love contained within no more

I come to see nothing left reside

It’s beyond broken more completely tore

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Beyond beautiful is the one that be

Caring for thee with all my heart

Looks surpassing that which if physically

Defend you till the end from the start

Genuinely sincere I’m always here

Even through the storms one may face

Holding you close when I am near

Come to trust in me when in a dark place

Honor with loyalty I promise thee

Reach out and take thy hand

Do all for you whole heartily

Dare not compare I am like no other man

Ones respect I bring upon you

Forever my word shall remain steadfast

Until the end of time my feelings to remain true

Happiness shall always be in ones grasp

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Love on thy lips was a touch

As sweet as one could bear

To make thy heart pound so much

Felt as if one walked on air

It brought upon the sweetest things

My heart once in slumber now awake

For every season full circle springs

Thy love caused ones world to shake

I craved the taste of lips of those

For honey sweet love is forever young

With thy fragrance scent that of rose

The passion for one another just begun

Ones love here was now caught

Within me always contained

Purity like no other without fault

To protect one from any pain

Came to heal that which was scarred

With thy touch of an angel’s hand

Gentle sensation opposite of hard

True love only few come to understand

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I once cared for you with all my heart

But now I have come to careless

At one time you were my end and start

Now you’ve turned my heart into a mess

You took for granted what my love to be

Didn’t appreciate the purity I had to give

For I would have loved you endlessly

I’d giving my life up for you to live

My word was given to never do you wrong

To protect you forever be by your side

For you had promised me here you belong

But I’ve come to see all you said was a lie

Truth was hidden in the words you say

For what you spoke was never real

The heart that used to beat for you gone away

For the love I had for you I no longer feel

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales