I come to miss you at times

My brain tries to make my heart forget

About how much I care for you

If you cared the same or have regret

I remember the curves of ones body

Down to even the speck in your eyes

Accurately enough to cause insanity

But true feeling in me forever lie

Do you remember the late nights

We talked about anything and everything

How much in my heart I held you tight

Everyday I awoke I could hear birds sing

Those memories are inside my minds wall

Yet I hold my breath as to avoid the pain

For without you my heart begins to fall

I see no sunshine now trapped in rain

The pain craws through my veins

Throughout my organs and nerves

Weeping is my blood hard to maintain

Destroying ones heart with lost of words

I wonder if seeing you once more

Would make the pain all stop

That chapter in life close the door

My heart beat back to the top

You were the breath I couldn’t catch

Even when I moved forward there in mind

Heart beat slowing send out a dispatch

For the blood within can no longer find

My heart now shallow inside

The love contained within no more

I come to see nothing left reside

It’s beyond broken more completely tore

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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