The devil’s standing near me

God’s in my heart no fear you see

Hurts so much to see pain and sorrow

Wishing for a brighter tomorrow

An angels wings are being torn

Evil daily is now being born

We’re burning down this world, one nation

What was once beautiful is now devastation

Trapped on this hellish earth

I know my value but seems nothing I’m worth

Fighting demons constantly everyday

Slaying them daily put them to lay

Doing my all to go in the right direction

Life at times I feel caught in an intersection

Who’s to say what is right and wrong

All I know here now is where I belong

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


God gave us each an angel

To watch us with his love

Sending thee his message

From thy heavens above

Helping us on ones journey

To do what’s honest and right

Here to guide and guard us

Each day throughout the night

Heaven sent to protect us

From crisis and great strives

Overcome all ones problems

We face daily in thy life

So I thank God in heaven

For thy guardian angels care

Remind us through ones life time

Gods’ love is forever there

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I am here to give love to all

Who is there to love me

I’ll love until I fall

Yet alone maybe I’m meant to be

I see the love all around

Deserted yet I here stand

For true love comes hard to be found

I search the world for it the best that one can

Restless are my nights

Lonely are ones days

I refuse to give up my search

For my love somewhere is lost in this maze

The present I come to look right now

My future still lies ahead

I’ll give myself unconditionally to that one

That loves my heart for it comes to bleed red

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


As a man I got to put out these questions asked

A relationship these days fall apart so fast

Why would any man choose to ever cheat

Slap a woman one day then try to act sweet

It’s hard to understand with no word to define

Disrespect towards women as if all is just fine

I know most women ask if it’s a waste of time

Mention commitment some act as if it’s a crime

What some men feel in there heart is scary

Thoughts to use women yet they act merry

You ask for a hug they step back from your space

They try to set your standers and where’s your place

There are those that aren’t loyal or nothing

Play the role as if they are yet straight fronting

Red lipstick prints all over there drawers

Ask where that came from with no answer at all

Lying to your face as if all is well

Throughout the day been sexing on the cell

He been getting brains with even ass clapping

Hanging out with the fellas behind your back laughing

Talking about how quick they use women so fast

Showing no kind of remorse they just want ass

Some will stay this way until the day of decease

Nothing but the dog in them that’s been released

Showing no affection for a women not even a little

It hurts me as a man to watch women’s eyes begin to drizzle

The devil’s been polluting men’s heart with a syringe

Hope karma comes back full force to those and seek revenge

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


This is my life so try to understand

You want to feel my pain, what turned me into this man

I was raised from seed to face my fears never ran

I speak the truth I’m going to tell you who I am

Here’s how my story all started out

My father was there but not around us about

Felt alone with my sis by ourselves in moms house

Struggling with money living ruff without a doubt

Living a hard up bring in life gave me all the reason

To strive to do even better no matter what the season

No utilities on in the house at times we were freezing

Trying to do the best with my all was what I was seeking

Spending time in the streets to understand it

You’ve got to earn respect it’s not just handed

Grab life like a plane and try to land it

In my heart love, honor, loyalty and respect was planted

At night I hear moms crying from dads beating

I can see people waving pistols hear the crowds screaming

God gives me the strength to fight off all these demons

Things so crazy at times I feel I’m going to wake up from dreaming

I’ve got to pull through all of this struggle

Move pass and beyond all the trouble

So much hell at times I feel I’m seeing double

If life is a game I’ll do all I can to solve this puzzle

People at times don’t understand you see

I’m going to do all in my power to help my family

My goals and focus are all uncanny

Looking towards the future for God is within me

I’ve lost so many you can see the pain in my eyes

We’re live life in a sick world that man tries to disguise

Only thing I know to try and do is to survive

Everyday I leave home I want to return back alive

I know my past is far from the best

I’ve had some hard times living I must confess

But I am unique beyond most and the rest

I’ve got to make it since my family depends on my success

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales