Gregg “Guardian7Angel” POET

       My poetry is about life in general, a reflection of what I see, how I feel and how things I wish could be.  When one creates, I feel like an instrument of nature.  What a delight nature must feel when we open our hearts and express our God given talents.  My girl Arlene,  family and friends help influence what one writes and give me my inspiration and provide my motivation.  I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t do this without you.  I thank God for lending me his gift for I’m but a vessel here to share it with the world, I am a poet.  With God I shall let no obstacles stop me from achieving my goals and sharing my love. As a seed of love I come to plant within all I come to know during life so that the love can continue to spread. For that energy which we put out always comes back to us full circle. So isn’t it right we put out love to receive it back? We must learn to cherish each breath taken for we never know when it’ll be our last.  These are the morals I live my life by.  The foundation is LOVE, the bricks are Honor, Loyalty and Respect.


       Honor, is not just an attitude, it’s a way of Life, it is a higher set of Morals.  The way one treats those who you may think deserve no Honor, tells more about what level ones Honor is, then the way one treats those who one thinks deserve Honor.  For how one treats thy enemy shows what ones Morals are.  Honor is being the bigger person, when someone ask for Forgiveness, even if one thinks they deserve it not.  Honor demands you Forgive them their trespasses, as God forgives ours.  Honor is leading soldiers into battle, yet being humble enough to admit when one is wrong, and when one is in need of help.  What one does to the lowliest of people, shows what ones Honor is, for ones Morals are always there.  A lack to show higher Morals to all is to show that the Honor one has is no Honor at all.

       Loyalty, must be Earned, unlike Honor, which is higher Morals, given to all.  Loyalty must be Earned, and if it abused, it is hard to regain!  Loyalty to thy friend, is willing to do what needs to be done, stand by one until the end and at times condemn, if one is wrong.  Loyalty is being who you are, all the time, not only some of the time, wear who you are Proudly, for if one is ashamed, maybe that is not who one should be and one needs to change.  Loyalty is a two way road, without it others may feel Hate and Distrust.

       Respect, all have earned some degree of Respect, for the fact we are Children of God.  If one lives Honor, and gives someone Respect, soon one will have Loyalty and a new brother/sister for Life.  Respect all people, the same way one wishes to be respected.  For if one lacks higher Morals, Honor and if thy Respect is not for all, then one will never earn True Loyalty.  For only with Honor, Loyalty and Respect can one win the fight in the end, any part of this three legged stool missing and one will always fail.  Without giving the Respect each one deserves, it shows he lacks all three.  Honor of showing higher Morals, Loyalty to God and Respect to all people.  From enemy to ones brother for God commands thee to Love one another for Love is Life and Life is Love.

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