This is my life so try to understand

You want to feel my pain, what turned me into this man

I was raised from seed to face my fears never ran

I speak the truth I’m going to tell you who I am

Here’s how my story all started out

My father was there but not around us about

Felt alone with my sis by ourselves in moms house

Struggling with money living ruff without a doubt

Living a hard up bring in life gave me all the reason

To strive to do even better no matter what the season

No utilities on in the house at times we were freezing

Trying to do the best with my all was what I was seeking

Spending time in the streets to understand it

You’ve got to earn respect it’s not just handed

Grab life like a plane and try to land it

In my heart love, honor, loyalty and respect was planted

At night I hear moms crying from dads beating

I can see people waving pistols hear the crowds screaming

God gives me the strength to fight off all these demons

Things so crazy at times I feel I’m going to wake up from dreaming

I’ve got to pull through all of this struggle

Move pass and beyond all the trouble

So much hell at times I feel I’m seeing double

If life is a game I’ll do all I can to solve this puzzle

People at times don’t understand you see

I’m going to do all in my power to help my family

My goals and focus are all uncanny

Looking towards the future for God is within me

I’ve lost so many you can see the pain in my eyes

We’re live life in a sick world that man tries to disguise

Only thing I know to try and do is to survive

Everyday I leave home I want to return back alive

I know my past is far from the best

I’ve had some hard times living I must confess

But I am unique beyond most and the rest

I’ve got to make it since my family depends on my success

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


It was spring when we first met

Spoke about our future, what we would do

I loved you unconditionally with no regret

I gave you my heart and so did you

You know our love is true from inside out

You’re beautiful from your heart to your mind

I love you with all my heart without a doubt

You have a magical mystery that you’ve let me find

You will forever be my one and only girl

For in my heart here you will stay

It was the two of us against the world

I don’t want you being the one that slipped away

When around you I’m underwater yet I’m breathing fine

I love your curves and even your ruff edges

Got me going crazy for you’re like no other kind

We’re not perfect but we accept each others imperfections

Love me purely was all I ever asked

Without you my life was so blue

Never one without the other we’re a pack

We found one another and you became my muse

If I’m the moon you’d be the sun beams

I’ll always tell you how much you mean to me

For you’re forever my light when things can’t be seen

You light up my heart within me endlessly

There for you until the end from the beginning

I’ll be there by your side to always tell you

If I lost everything tonight with you I’ll always be winning

Even on you worst day you’re forever beautiful

If the world beats you down I’m there through your every mood

Me and you together as one we will all continue to do

I’ll pick you up through down fall you’re my rhythm to my blues

I’ll never stop loving you listen as my heart forever beats for you

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


You were the one I once loved

Always thinking of you in my dreams

Thought we were destine to be together

Not all turned out to be how it seems

I enjoyed every moment together

You and me were the A-Team

You came to change over time

As soon as I would flee the scene

Around me you were pure of heart

Thought you were loving and caring

We had the whole world watching

With envious staring

You fooled me and took my heart

Hurt me beyond repair

Should have seen the lies in disguise

And noticed no love from you was there

Opposite of what you portrayed

You know that right there to be true

Saw my heart open and exposed

Grabbed it and just ripped it in two

Said there was no other person

You’d ever let interfere with our love

That’s what you said to me

I was the only one you think of

When you came into my world

I finally thought heaven was near

But after opening my eyes to look

Time made it clear the devil was here 

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I’m going to be honest with you

I’m afraid to fall in love

Because deep in my heart I’m scared

Maybe it’s not all that I was thinking of

The thought of love and lost

Comes to frighten me so much

What if I open my heart to love you

Then you disappear after my heart you touch

I come to you with my heart open

Promise to me you’ll show me mercy

My love is true as the words spoken

Life’s a desert, for your love I’m thirsty

There may have been others

Yet you’re the only one I think

I got butterflies floating in me

If I lose your love my heart will sink

How can a feeling so good

Also make one feel so weak

Your love’s always on my mind

At night makes it hard to sleep

I pray on the daily

Put my hope and faith in God

To come across true love

Over come all odds

You cause my heart to burn in flames 

Your touch is like nothing else

Tell me that you truly love me

Don’t hurt me like everyone else

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales