I’m going to be honest with you

I’m afraid to fall in love

Because deep in my heart I’m scared

Maybe it’s not all that I was thinking of

The thought of love and lost

Comes to frighten me so much

What if I open my heart to love you

Then you disappear after my heart you touch

I come to you with my heart open

Promise to me you’ll show me mercy

My love is true as the words spoken

Life’s a desert, for your love I’m thirsty

There may have been others

Yet you’re the only one I think

I got butterflies floating in me

If I lose your love my heart will sink

How can a feeling so good

Also make one feel so weak

Your love’s always on my mind

At night makes it hard to sleep

I pray on the daily

Put my hope and faith in God

To come across true love

Over come all odds

You cause my heart to burn in flames 

Your touch is like nothing else

Tell me that you truly love me

Don’t hurt me like everyone else

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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