I’m sorry I have to tell you this

But I’m dying on this earth

I haven’t had a chance to show you

How much to me you are truly worth

The thought of leaving you brings me sorrow

It’s killing me within the inside

I don’t know if I’ll wake up to see tomorrow

Today though my love for you I shall not hide

I’m going to spill my heart out to you

Tell you the truth and how I deeply feel

I fell for you from first sight

My love from beginning has always been real

I should have told you this before

I just didn’t have enough courage inside

You’re my world and all I ever adored

You know I speak truth not once have I lied

So if tomorrow comes and I am no more

Now you know how I’ve always felt

How my love for you is pure in stored

My whole heart was yours and no one else

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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