A lost like this can make angels cry

Destiny was written from the start

We look up in the sky and wonder why

Forever holding you within ones heart

Our journey split in separate ways

We know it was but your time to go

To live out life see better days

One ends and ours continues to grow

Remembering the love we shared

The joy we all together had

Released of this worlds pain you bear

For that, for you we’re glad

Now we come to the end of your road

We’ll miss you but you are set free

Within our hearts always we hold

A loved one for all eternity

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

In memory of my Grandmother, love you always.

You will forever be missed.

Julia A. Lira (July 30, 1933 – August 3, 2016)


Never thought I’d come to lose you

Strange how things turned out

Thy love for one within me

Wish life went another route

Never seen the sun taken away

Until that moment I lost you

Still I stand strong hope for better days

Without thee now what will one do

Listen as my heart speaks

Loved thee since the day I met you

Was by your side till put to lay

My love for you was forever true

So I live my life to the fullest

Will cherish every moment for thee

With your memory within my mind

In my heart you lay deep in me

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Thoughts come to mind

When I speak of your name

Without you things no longer fine

It will never be the same

Your passing hit me like a knife

It came without a clue

No matter the pain in my life

You could make grey skies blue

I still hear your voice

Turn to see your face

Just as I want to rejoice

The sound is erased

Who will I now hold close

When life makes no sense

My love for you was most

The passion was intense

If I could turn back time

Just to hear your voice

I’d say it once more

You’re still my only choice

Always know I love you

No one could take your place

Years may come to pass

Your memory never erased

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


She died in my arms

The pain was so real

I lost the reason to live

For my heart could no longer feel

Cold was the blood

That was now left

The pain one could not bear

For my love was left lifeless

I’d give my wings yesterday

To bring you back tomorrow

To rid myself of the lost

Erase this pain and sorrow

At last you died in my arms

That last sight you saw which was me

I kept my promise to you

Loved from beginning and forever endlessly

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales