It was spring when we first met

Spoke about our future, what we would do

I loved you unconditionally with no regret

I gave you my heart and so did you

You know our love is true from inside out

You’re beautiful from your heart to your mind

I love you with all my heart without a doubt

You have a magical mystery that you’ve let me find

You will forever be my one and only girl

For in my heart here you will stay

It was the two of us against the world

I don’t want you being the one that slipped away

When around you I’m underwater yet I’m breathing fine

I love your curves and even your ruff edges

Got me going crazy for you’re like no other kind

We’re not perfect but we accept each others imperfections

Love me purely was all I ever asked

Without you my life was so blue

Never one without the other we’re a pack

We found one another and you became my muse

If I’m the moon you’d be the sun beams

I’ll always tell you how much you mean to me

For you’re forever my light when things can’t be seen

You light up my heart within me endlessly

There for you until the end from the beginning

I’ll be there by your side to always tell you

If I lost everything tonight with you I’ll always be winning

Even on you worst day you’re forever beautiful

If the world beats you down I’m there through your every mood

Me and you together as one we will all continue to do

I’ll pick you up through down fall you’re my rhythm to my blues

I’ll never stop loving you listen as my heart forever beats for you

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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