If at my last moment one could just come

To touch upon that of your skin

Taste on the burning lips of your mouth

I could now have died in peace right then

At that moment would you tremble as you see

Would one cry when watching me suffer

Would your life you give up for me freely

The way I would give it up for you like no other

Would you swear that you’ll forever be mine

Or would you just lie to me, run and hide

Know that I’ll be by your side until end of time

I just pray my heart you don’t come to deny

If you understood how deep I feel for you

So strong inside it kills me within

My intentions have always been sincerely true

I’d give you my heart openly let one in

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

4 responses to ““OPENLY LET ONE IN”

  1. This has the strength of conviction of old classical love poems. The language matches too. A little brusque around the edges, but full-bodied in the centers, potent with the profession.

    Keep writing and bolster that heart of yours some more.

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