Friend of mine you are never alone

For you shall never be forgotten

If I lost you I’d over throw every stone

Your friendship has me spoiled rotten

For the days of our hours that past

Until the sands come to stop in time

Our bond to one another shall forever last

I come to you friend of a different kind

Since the moment we first met

The connection was already there

I promised you never to neglect

Pure of heart I show how much I care

For if ever you are in deed in need

I will rush to be by your side

If ever lost I shall come to lead

In me you can always come to confide

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Beyond beautiful is the one that be

Caring for thee with all my heart

Looks surpassing that which if physically

Defend you till the end from the start

Genuinely sincere I’m always here

Even through the storms one may face

Holding you close when I am near

Come to trust in me when in a dark place

Honor with loyalty I promise thee

Reach out and take thy hand

Do all for you whole heartily

Dare not compare I am like no other man

Ones respect I bring upon you

Forever my word shall remain steadfast

Until the end of time my feelings to remain true

Happiness shall always be in ones grasp

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I pray for you everyday

That everything goes well

Perfect for one all should stay

Your life to be happy, nothing shall fail

For the moment the sun arises

 I wish the best upon you

So come to understand and realize

I do so because ones heart is true

As much as it may hurt to say

I may have just lost my friend

The memories we had of yesterday

Will stay with me until the very end

I shall be there for you always

When you’re in need I’ll rescue you

I once said I’ll carry you through any storm

Now you see the words I spoke were true

For selfish I shall never be

To show I care, I can not stand in ones way

Happiness upon thee I wish endlessly

That you should live each and everyday

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales