I hold you tightly promise you the world

Promise to love you up until the end

You’ve always loved me said you’ll be my girl

Been with you by your side since way back then

I still look at you and remember

Made love as the temperature was hot as could be

That afternoon you chose to surrender

You said “Promise you aren’t lying to me”

I never felt those feeling we felt

Our love’s true I caressed and held you

Heart’s as one we began to melt

To taste your sugar, let the climax melt you

You’re always there in all of my thoughts

I can feel you when you’re far away right here in me

Within my soul without you I feel I may be lost

Loving you forever is instilled endlessly

I’ll do my all to keep you by my side

Make love to your soul, heart and mind

Grab a hold for this mental, emotional ride

In your hour of need I’ll be there every time

We’ll support one another to reach our dreams

Reaching beyond what we every thought of

Forever by your side as a part of my team

In a world of hate I provide unconditional love

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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