What if I told thee I’m an angel

One was sent here to love you

Would you consider the notion

That these words I spoke are true

I was sent here on a mission

To protect you and never do one wrong

Grant thee every wish while I listen

By thy side is where one should belong

For look at ones resume and see

Each word one has said to be real

Forever has this love been in me

To you I now choose to reveal

In your deepest time of need

I’ll always be there for you

To guide and help one succeed

As your angel that’s what I’ll do

The glow I see in you is of dreams

This love I have for you I shall not hide

If one should have to give up his wings

I’d have done it yesterday to remain by thy side

For I will protect you night and day

All my love for you is forever true

Place your hand on my heart, you feel that

That space in between it’s beat is meant for you

Through it all I may not be an angel

But I’ll be your angel from the start

Angel or not I’ll promise you this

I’ll always be the angel of your heart

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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