Let us pray,

Lord may you come to judge us

Solely by our hearts not our mistakes

For we come to praise one daily

Giving thanks for all that you come to make

We come upon you all so humble

Always praying for those in need

You are ones crutch when we may stumble

Keeping faith in our hardest hours & believe

With your love for us all can be cured

Just as our day turns into night

You’ve grasped upon our heart to secure

Within ones soul darkness shall turn to light

So I ask you to have mercy on thee

For at times I may become weak

Look within the love that’s set in me

See the sincerity of the heart I truly seek


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Let us pray,

Please help this person in need my Lord

For one is going through a tough time

Give them the strength to endure the pain

Help cleanse this burden from their mind

I know us not to be perfect

We do our best at times and try

We humbly come upon you with all respect

Things that pass only you come to know why

For it comes to be painful when one has left

Yet the other has come to stay

They’re doing their all, trying their best

But the weight inside is hard to rid away

One needs your guidance to help them through

The courage to face all and know they’ll be alright

I have faith in all you come to do

Show them the way provide them with your light


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Let us pray,

I come to you humble Lord

So that you may help this child of yours

One has been going through hard times

Only you can come to provide the cure

Kindhearted person for one is you see

Needs guidance, help to make it through

If pain one is in just put it upon me

I’ll do my part to help one endure

For I know we’re not perfect

Yet we come to do what we can

To you I come with the deepest respect

For I am but just one man

So if you may come to provide relief

For those deeply in your need

Harmonize there life, erase pain & grief

Let your love sprout, heal within like a seed


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Let us pray

God we humbly pray for each of those,

Who are daily fighting disease.

Such a physical and mental toll,

Help them through it, put them at ease.

Supply them with the faith and courage,

They come to need each and everyday.

For with you right by there side,

They give their all as they pray.

Comfort them in their pain,

Bless them with your healing.

Within you they find strength to maintain,

To over come is a blissful feeling.


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Let us pray,

Father in heaven we come to you now

Give us the strength to pull through

For we come in mercy for your guidance

Asking forgiveness in any wrong we may do

We appreciate this gift of life everyday

Moving ahead even through the storms of rain

For no matter the obstacles that may come our way

With you by our side we shall maintain

For at times when weak you strengthen me

Beyond our own physical and mental wall

I know the love in you holds the key

Life’s gift is happiness within soul and all

We come asking for help in this time of need

Holding onto our hope and faith it’ll be alright

Our life is truly in your hands indeed

Protect us and guard us with all your might


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Let us pray,

Thank you for our family and friends

For your guidance into the light

We’ll cherish them until the very end

Blessings to everyone from day to night

You’ve guided us along the way

Now we come to truly understand

The value of life priceless

Helped me become the person that I am

Thank you for helping our eyes to see

The perfection of our imperfections

For we are of your design

Children we are under your protection

We’ll face any storm that comes

For in darkness you bring light

Endlessly strengthened with your love

We know we’ll always be alright


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Let us pray,

God, I thank thee for my family and friends

Thank you for guiding one in your light

I give thee my word I’ll love them until the very end

Please bless everyone I love from here on, starting tonight

I’ve touched peoples hearts while on my righteous path

My heart is of purity so that’s the love I give back

I brightened and helped many all that one could

There are those who speak of love, yet a heart they lack

One gives thanks for helping my heart to grow

I know I’m not perfect, I give my all and try

Showed me everything was dark because my eyes were once closed

I’ll forever be an honorable man, until the day I die

There were times you sent help along my way

I almost had lost my faith but now I understand

I didn’t see it before I just pushed them astray

I was pushed to my limits to become the person that I am

I’ll face all storms that come with you here next to me

If I have to endure endless pain so my loved ones can live in light

Please give me your strength and love to sustain

Send there pain my way just promise me they’ll be alright


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Let us pray,

I was placed here to do your job Lord

My work for you is not yet quite done

To live at times one must suffer

I know in your eyes though I’m forever your son

I have faith that one day the time will come

My spirituality will shine brighter than the stars

It’s not about who’s what

At that time it’ll show that everything is ours

One day the message will become also clear

For everything takes time even years

Have to hold onto faith and push forward

During life after tears will be turned into cheers

I know I must stand strong and fight harder

Even more so than I’ve ever done before

Because deep within my mind and soul

A battle’s going on the beginning of a war

Raging inside me between good and evil

I have to be careful of those who I see lie

They may smile but are not really happy

When I’m at a weak point they’ll just let me die

So I pay attention to all that you say

When in need I know you to be by my side

I know you to be there with me night and day

From the evil I shall not run and hide


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales