Let us pray,

God, I thank thee for my family and friends

Thank you for guiding one in your light

I give thee my word I’ll love them until the very end

Please bless everyone I love from here on, starting tonight

I’ve touched peoples hearts while on my righteous path

My heart is of purity so that’s the love I give back

I brightened and helped many all that one could

There are those who speak of love, yet a heart they lack

One gives thanks for helping my heart to grow

I know I’m not perfect, I give my all and try

Showed me everything was dark because my eyes were once closed

I’ll forever be an honorable man, until the day I die

There were times you sent help along my way

I almost had lost my faith but now I understand

I didn’t see it before I just pushed them astray

I was pushed to my limits to become the person that I am

I’ll face all storms that come with you here next to me

If I have to endure endless pain so my loved ones can live in light

Please give me your strength and love to sustain

Send there pain my way just promise me they’ll be alright


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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