Let us pray,

I was placed here to do your job Lord

My work for you is not yet quite done

To live at times one must suffer

I know in your eyes though I’m forever your son

I have faith that one day the time will come

My spirituality will shine brighter than the stars

It’s not about who’s what

At that time it’ll show that everything is ours

One day the message will become also clear

For everything takes time even years

Have to hold onto faith and push forward

During life after tears will be turned into cheers

I know I must stand strong and fight harder

Even more so than I’ve ever done before

Because deep within my mind and soul

A battle’s going on the beginning of a war

Raging inside me between good and evil

I have to be careful of those who I see lie

They may smile but are not really happy

When I’m at a weak point they’ll just let me die

So I pay attention to all that you say

When in need I know you to be by my side

I know you to be there with me night and day

From the evil I shall not run and hide


Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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