Some of the smartest people that come to mind

Are only smart by the way the words are defined

For you see the test is rigged nothing less

In order to stop the evolution of human kind

The scientist can’t even explain the pyramids

People watch as corruption over throw villages

Stereotyping that which they don’t quite understand

Destroying our youths minds down to the youngest of kids

Babies, having babies, now they all feel as they are grown

Teach them there roots but only a portion is even known

They’re mind is blinded to understand where they come from

Put the worst on display for the world to see that’s all they’re shown

The rich occupy most the land, while homeless are without home

Enough food to feed the world yet there are those just skin and bone

This is just my perception of what I’ve come to open up and see

I’m spiritually inclined to see the truth for my mind is my own

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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