Come picture this in your imagination

Going to fulfill your dream without hesitation

Letting you know the deal, understand I’m honest

What I’ll come to do never broken my word, I promise

I love touching you on your sweetest spots

With the softest touch you can even get on top

Grab a hold of your waist to build the anticipation

As you gasp from the first thrust of penetration

Here to prove to you that you’re my only one

Making love all night I’ll show that you’re second to none

I’ll do what I say, I come to do what you want me to

As our bodies intertwine I’m here to make love to you

Day or night when you’re lying next to me

My mission is to provide you with endless pleasure, ecstasy

Any and all positions you want, embrace for impact

Like a roller coaster bringing you closer to climax

Grabbing onto me as you release, has a lot of validation

This is love making not sex, as you felt the whole world shaking

Got you caught in my grip rubbing down your smooth thighs

Sheets damped with sweat the look of passion in our eyes

Inside you, you’ve got your legs around me moaning passionately

The emotions of sounds, words being uttered sounds like poetry

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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