So much thoughts run through my mind

Reminiscing on this lonely night

I look around yet you I don’t find

Wish I could just come hold you tight

For the pain in my heart I feel all alone

How it came to this I just don’t know

The break up not in person but on phone

Why did it all fall apart, where did the love go

Remembering the ways you once stole my heart

To throw it away in search of sin

I feel so confused as to where to start

I trusted you with my heart and let you in

Visions of our love were planted in my mind

But now I come to see they all to be lies

Thought you to be the one to say you’re forever mine

I see the devil comes in the ultimate disguise

You proved to me that you really didn’t want love

Actions spoke what you did not speak

You walked a way and just gave it up

At the end it showed me you truly to be weak

Closed up your heart so no feelings would show

I could see the truth within your eyes

Everything we went through how could you just go

I’ve moved forward no tears can I cry

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


We used to be open like best friends

I don’t know what happened to us

Lately all I ever feel with you is distant

In you I’ve lost all my trust

Only time I ever here from you

Is when I have to put you on the spot

You know what I speak to be true

Above all else I always had you on the top

I don’t want to hear “I’m sorry”

I wanted to see a difference

Did you appreciate me, hardly

Cause the person you became is different

You said you’d always be there

Now you’re saying that is not true

I see clearly you don’t even care

This person you are now is no longer you

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I gave it everything I had

Despite that, you never cared

You gave up on a life

We could have together shared

I was ready to let your past go

Just sit back and relax

The moment of opportunity

You did it again so I snapped

Mixed emotions run my head

Trying to keep my mind distracted

Some form of forgiveness to give you

To be faithful is all one is asking

It’s like you’re testing me

I’m trying to keep a clear head

But you causing layers of confusion

Pushing me to the limit instead

Maybe leaving is the right decision

I think I’m living in the past

Moving forward in a new direction

The game you’re playing, isn’t going to last

I thought it was love

Searching for something to grasp through tears

To take with me to the dirt

Now I hold a scar in my heart for the years

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


A knife impales me

Ripping out my heart

Without remorse

Was but a game from start

What I thought to be true

Left battered and bruised

Used without a clue

Mentally left abused

Was no love at all

Nothing but deception

Leading me on

With only misdirection

Thought you to be the one

To come with happiness

So lost am I

In this world of a mess

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Thy heart feels pain

Tears drop from thy eye

Hard to maintain

So I break down to cry

Once loved now lost

Heart’s been taken away

Pushed a side then tossed

Love’s lost thy will to stay

Heart was rejected

For thy didn’t love me

Abandoned and left neglected

Like an object of debris

Thy heart no longer beats

For thy love has been lost

Laid to rest in eternal sleep

Forever cold as frost

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Heart broken is thee

Sorrow is ones day

Love lost within me

For thy heart stolen away

Placed in ones grasp

Who promised to protect

To love it all I asked

But chosen was to neglect

I gave thee my trust

Thought thee was real

My love was lost for lust

Was not part of the deal

This I can not let pass

For thy love is pure

I must move on stead fast

Keep my own heart secure

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Don’t let that moment come to slip you by

For you may regret it at the end

Letting true love turn from hello to goodbye

With a pain within you that will never mend

We come to get caught up in times

To say things we may not mean

Love at times is really blind

Right in front of us but yet not seen

How is it so hard to understand

To come to love another is a gift

Within our grasp at times we still miss

We reach for it and we come to let it slip

At the end all but memories are left

For your heart with them will forever stay

The pain within of what could have been

Remembering the one that got away

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I wanted you, you didn’t want me

So my love for thee came to fade away

Now another has come stolen my heart endlessly

Given it a better place to stay

You come to regret what was done

Yet the moment for us has come to pass

It’s a life lesson one has come to learn

Don’t let someone slip through your grasp

Memories will forever there be

Now is the time though to move forward move on

I once really did love you unconditionally

Took it for granted and neglected it so it’s now gone

For that moment of yesterday I would have gave it all

Yet one didn’t realize the truth in what I say

True love came my way so I chose to answer the call

When it’s real, it’s sincere for love, games it does not play

Written By: Gregorio A. “Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


How could you learn, if I didn’t leave

From the moment you played me, should have left you

I guess I was just a bit too naive

Too much of an honorable person to disrespect you

You thought I was joking when I bailed out

Be fucked over twice I will not allow

I don’t care that you come and scream and shout

I’ve moved ahead, to me you’re dead now

Guilty is the conscience now on your chest

For you know I treated you like royalty

Relief is the pain I’ve got nothing less

Forever would have had your side to show loyalty

Once I deeply loved you but it’s gone away

I proved that I am real yet you did me wrong

My heart deserves a better place to stay

Last that you will hear from me now I’m gone

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


You will always be the one I cared for

The one that didn’t believe my intentions real

The one that brought me happiness

Then came to take away emotions I could feel

Once you were my all in my life

Later you came to fade away

My day that now turned to night

Erased from my heart where you once stayed

The pain I will always carry inside

But the memories I shall never forget

Happiness at one time I will not lie

All I was put through I still refuse to neglect

You may have done me wrong

I’m not perfect and no one to judge

Through the storm I stood strong

To forgive is to show that you I once loved

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Ones heart comes growing tired and cold

For all the love lost it has come to bare

All lies and broken promises that been told

Truth has been lost there is no care

For the one I thought to be the love of mine

Came into ones life just to let me down

I really thought this was true love one of a kind

My smile has now fled and turned to frown

How is it once in love come to be

Now lost no longer around to be found

Happiness now turns to  pain in me

Emptiness is left in thy heart with no sound

Yet I keep myself together to make it through

With hope my love to come to be one day

While searching through rocks I may find my jewel

My heart shall beat once more yes it may

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I come to miss you at times

My brain tries to make my heart forget

About how much I care for you

If you cared the same or have regret

I remember the curves of ones body

Down to even the speck in your eyes

Accurately enough to cause insanity

But true feeling in me forever lie

Do you remember the late nights

We talked about anything and everything

How much in my heart I held you tight

Everyday I awoke I could hear birds sing

Those memories are inside my minds wall

Yet I hold my breath as to avoid the pain

For without you my heart begins to fall

I see no sunshine now trapped in rain

The pain craws through my veins

Throughout my organs and nerves

Weeping is my blood hard to maintain

Destroying ones heart with lost of words

I wonder if seeing you once more

Would make the pain all stop

That chapter in life close the door

My heart beat back to the top

You were the breath I couldn’t catch

Even when I moved forward there in mind

Heart beat slowing send out a dispatch

For the blood within can no longer find

My heart now shallow inside

The love contained within no more

I come to see nothing left reside

It’s beyond broken more completely tore

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales