Such lonely times come to pass

Me here missing you in empty rooms

Sitting staring at the screen heart beats fast

Watching because the other side is you

There come to be countless others

Everywhere near and far

Yet my heart belongs to no other

Waiting for always you from the start

I don’t care about any that are around

My heart holds you here close

It’s love meant for you for it’s spellbound

My love for you is beyond that of utmost

Endless days can pass us by

Still I have you here near me in my mind

If I could I’d get up to be with you, just fly

Never thought a love I would come to find

It’s the simplest things that I see in us that lie

That prove we are forever meant to be

Know that I’m only yours as time passes by

My love you are I’ll love you forever endlessly

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


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