Love comes to me in a whisper

Opening up my heart with a spark

Vigorously love grabs ahold

Enchanted from the very start

Unlike how I’ve ever felt before

My love to you it only belongs

You’ve touched beyond hearts core

Causing it’s beat to pound strong

Unconditional my love is for you

Prayers answered that you I found

Cause love I give is all that’s true

A love so pure to you I’m spellbound

Keeping you within me day and night

Every moment I hold you here

Arlene I love you like the sun is bright

Reminding you always my love’s sincere

Loving you more than words can show

Endlessly my heart beats for only you

No one but you holds my love you stole

Eternally my love for you is true

Written By: Gregg “Guardian7Angel”

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