An angel I come to see within ones grasp

Romantic thoughts placed inside my mind

Loving thee eternally shall forever last

Endless love I bring to you of a forgotten kind

Nothing of this nature heard of before

Evident of my love is seen trapped inside eyes

Very much true is this love I have here in store

Alluring pleasure and satisfaction in me lies

Rose red are thy shade upon your lips

Looking I can’t help but come to stare

Emotions run deep can’t resist ones kiss

Nothing but love I come to you openly I bare

Embracing you all is forever my quest

Very pure is my love your heart shall never break

Always, endless, unconditional it is I must confess

Remotely sweet is the taste of you my luscious cupcake

Love you my one and only love you come to be

Eternally I give you a love of that yet to be seen

Now and forever always I need you here with me

Engraved within my heart by far my love you are Arlene

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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