One comes open hearted

My love for you I bring forth

Until the end from where it started

Showing you’re priceless is your worth

For the purity you have contained

More than anything could come to buy

Here my love for you remains

Ones love will forever there reside

Open thy eyes to understand

My heart for you is forever lit

Come to grasp onto my hearts hand

That my love for thee shall here forever sit

Deep within ones soul

My bond with you will always last

For my love forever continues to grow

Giving you all my hearts love it has

I give you my word today

Your heart shall not come to be broken

For my love is here to forever stay

Truth you come to see in my words spoken

If one is ever in any pain

Together we can always maintain

My love is here to endlessly heal you

I’ll carry you through even the darkness of rain

Your love flows through me

As my lines here I begin to write

I come to love you endlessly

You brighten my path as my light

I come to love you like no other kind

My heart is forever your place

Here imprinted even in my mind

Is forever your angelic face

Here to protect your heart

If in need I shall come to mend

For I am your guardian angel

Always here for you until the very end

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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