I come forth like no other kind

Forever know what I feel for you is real

To love thee always heart, soul and mind

My love is for you, my word is sealed

Always know that you’re my only one

For only you come to hold my heart

A doubt in my mind there is none

It’s yours until the end, for you’re my start

You’re the only one in my heart I love

All I can love, my heart I give all to you

You’re my angel, heaven sent from above

To love someone this much, I had no clue

Forever shall I be there, you have my all

Love of my life within my heart you always lay

With me from the moment of sunrise, till night fall

You’re everything to me, my night and day

I love you unconditionally, that’s a fact

I more than want you, you’re what I need

Having you in my life there is nothing I lack

Hold onto faith, dream, wish and believe

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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