When you ask me why I come to love you

All I can say is I just know you’re the one

For I know what I feel within to be true

There’s no other you’re second to none

You’re everything I’ve wanted all my life

Never thought I’d fine the one I need

If life was a game you’re my grand prize

Proved to me dreams can come true indeed

I know I could be with any other

Why would I choose to do so when I have you

There’s countless people throughout the world

Yet no one comes to touch my heart like you do

I feel like we are just meant to be

Can’t help think of you throughout night and day

All I know is I’m here to love you forever endlessly

You’re in my heart and that’s where you’ll stay

Your love comes to give me strength

I have you here contained within my heart

I will continue to love only you until it’s last beat

I come to feel like I’m dying when we’re apart

Nothing in the world compares to you

The love I have for you is beyond unreal

Can’t explain I love you because I just do

All I know is that’s how my heart comes to feel

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel’ L. Perales

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