I come forth to make love

Your body is mine like no other kind

So relax, sit back in time

Penetrating more than just your mind

From sun to moon, any room

I’ve come to make you wet

My love you’ll come to consume

No spot shall I dare neglect

Kiss you softly on your stomach

To make your temperature above hot

We can do anything you want

From the bottom or you can climb up on top

Get seated, start to get over heated

I’ll let you just take control

There’s no reason to rush

Let our bodies touch, take it slow

There I will press forward and come

To approach your face to embrace

There’s no time that I’d care to waste

Your lips are what I yearn to get a taste

Grab your hips, touch your lips

For my manhood can not hide

Can’t resist, this tender kiss

I’ll put my love deep inside

All night we can touch the sky

Together you and I as time passes by

Softly I’ll come to whisper “I love you”

As I grasp you looking there within your eyes

On and on we together come to continue

With this erotic, emotion potion

Our bodies come to be over heated

Finally climax to release its natural love lotion

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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