I wish you lived closer

I really do

To show you how much I come

To care for you

That what I come to

Feel deep inside

Is all the love I have for you

Thou shall not hide

We could go anywhere

You’d want to be

As long as I’m there by your side

You right next to me

Show you I’d come to do for you

All and anything I can

Grant your every wish

Lend a helping hand

By your side there

Throughout night and day

Listen to the beat of our hearts

For music comes to play

Prove to you that my love

Is unlike the rest

Wake up with you there

As you place your head on my chest

It may be a dream

Yet some dreams do come true

I fell in love with you

Yet I had not the slightest clue

How much so

I came for you to care

I would travel across the earth

To be right there

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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