I’ll give you passion

To show you how I feel

I’ll show you love

Because that’s what I see

I’ll give you my heart

For my love is real

Come to love you forever

All eternity

Would you give back

What I put upon you

That very same love

You have inside

To show me as well

That you are true

That’s all I ask in return

No need to hide

Love is not a game

But a gift for you I place upon

For you are my all

I will never come to deny

At my weakest moments

You make me feel strong

And to you I would never

Dare come to lie

So I ask, is what you feel for me

The same and true

For I’d give anything

To keep you in happiness

Would you love me for me

In for what I come to do

I love you for you

With all my heart, nothing less

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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