Friend of mine, you’re never alone

If ever one is in need, I’ll be there

If lost, I’d over throw every stone

Come to understand, I sincerely care

You’re the light, a shinning ray

I hope you come to understand, see

The way I feel about one today

Has forever been here, instilled me

One will treat you like you’re the world

Shall never disrespect nor neglect

If life an oyster, you’re the pearl

The pinnacle one is, nothing less

The glow I see within you, is of dreams

When one is sad, heaven cries

If I an angel, I’d give up my wings

To make sure you’re happy, from inside

Though I may not be an angel

One shall guard you from the start

Forever, my word was given

I’ll not be the one, to break thy heart

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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