Remember that no one is a bigger enemy to yourself than yourself. No one can stop you from achieving your goals in life but you.The real opposition you come to face in life is you nothing else. Listen deeply to what I say because it is all to be true. For within oneself the true enemy is born. Only by defeat can you find where you’re destined to belong. So through all the pain and the storms, you got to keep your head up and stand strong.

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


        In the eyes of a child, a parents time is priceless. Come to remember in life what matters most, for we do not know if tomorrow is to arrive. Learn to enjoy and appreciate life don’t just let it pass you by. My appreciation for things comes to be perceived differently. For the smallest things we may over look are really what comes to matter. Each day we wake to take a new breath shouldn’t be taken for granted but deeply appreciated. Enjoy every moment in life you can with your children for those are the moments that they’ll come to cherish forever. Even if our journey were to end tomorrow the imprint we lay today will set the foundation for those who are to come. We must leave an imprint so that those who come after will have a brighter path to look forward to. For our children are the future and with a solid foundation they may continue to build a happy life upon.

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


Pay it forward

Come to exchange the love

Show gratitude for this life

We live given from the one above

From the moment of sunrise

Until it’s time to sleep

Love is life’s prize

Help those who may be weak

For who comes to know

What may lie ahead

Give to show

Love is to be fed

An act of kindness

Is all some come to seek

It’s not a sign of weakness

But shows we are unique

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


       I’m speaking from the heart so you can come to understand the purity that lies within me.  I abide by the rules of love, honor, respect and loyalty, I speak the truth in what I be.  You won’t catch me here wasting time for I’m a child of God so I come to fear none at all.  I’m more concerned with treating one wholeheartedly, being humble and standing steadfast tall.  I wish to provide happiness to those that I touch in life, unconditionally I give them my best.  A strong minded woman that’s all I need to catch my attention and gain my respect I’ll provide nothing less.  Despite how you may perceive me to be, I consider all women that deserve it should be treated like queens.  But that’s my thought on how I see things that should be but seldom are, my queen is all that will indeed matter to me.  When it comes to finding my queen, I know I may not be the first but the mission is to be her last.  For with the proper one by my side, together here happiness shall indeed for us, forever last.  I will look deep within her eyes to show our love as one shall last until we come to turn back into soil.  She will come to understand and realize my place is by her side forever right there loyal. For the most precious possession that comes to a man in this world is that of his woman’s heart. So the love I shall show to her will be unconditional until the end and from the very start. Seldom you’ll catch me in a physical altercation because of my intellect and certainty of who I know I am.  I don’t need to harm another, to have to prove to myself or any other, that I am a man.  I choose to handle a negative situation by using words of conversation, no need for instigation.  I have an understanding in education, I also have honor to keep my composer, for that’s the ultimate liberation.  I’ve got knowledge in the game of life and how it’s played and it’s misunderstanding, searching and trying to find ourselves in who we truly are.  But I make no excuse, that only makes me want to push on forward and work for my family more than twice as hard.  Don’t ever dare compare me to my past generation, in any given form of fatherhood.  I’ve learn from mine, what I should not do and how to raise my offspring, give them the best, as a man truly should.  Unlike some that don’t want to be fathers just use and abuse women for sex, it’s sad to witness such forms of neglect.  My mind feels those women’s pain, for I have the intellect to understand, my comprehension is more complex.  I know I am of a different kind, I’m that of an unforeseen endangered breed.  No longer around to be found maybe I am the last one remaining of this now going extinct seed.  Yet I am nowhere near perfect in the eyes of man, that’s an impossibility that can not be done.  I will give my word though, those closest to my heart will be protected and shall be loved beyond that of any other one.  Perfection is nothing more than the perception of things, we may not be without flaws and defects but that’s what makes us, us.  We are all perfectly made because we’re fitting for the need in a certain situation and serve a higher purpose.  So rid yourself of any idea, of what you preconceived, what you thought my mind set is to be.  For I come speaking truth to you, wholeheartedly the thoughts of a true man, instilled here within me.


The purpose of life is happiness

Which is sustained by hope

To love one another endless

Help each other live life and cope

There is no guarantee about the future

We exist and pray for something better

For we are all God’s children

We must learn to live as one together

Hope is to keep going no matter what

Thinking and believing it can be done

Bringing inner strength, self confidence within

With God by your side the obstacle is none

Keep your heart within you soft

Let not the world make you hard

Don’t get lost in all the chaos

For you are above it not a part

Don’t let pain bring upon you hate

Nor bitterness steal your sweet

When hard times come, hold onto faith

For evil will always meet defeat

The gift of life is for you and me

At times trials and tribulations we may face

Even though the world may disagree

I still believe in it to be a beautiful place

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


       Today is the day I feel is my spiritual elevation. I’ve released all the pain contained within to cleanse myself of sin. My heart, mind and soul have come to pass beyond all damage done throughout the years. The only thing that could stop me before was myself, for I myself am my own worst enemy. I have come to change my perspective in life to get a better understanding of it and the complexity of living it. I now view and accept all flaws and missteps that happen in life. At this point I feel nothing shall stop me, I’ve moved beyond all the negativity. The love in my heart is unconditional for I have God contained within it. With God I shall let no obstacles stop me from achieving my goals and sharing love. As a seed of love I come to plant within all I come to know during life so that the love can continue to spread. For that energy which we put out always comes back to us full circle. So, isn’t right we put out love to receive it back? We must learn to cherish each breath taken for we never know when it’ll be our last. I wish the best upon all for happiness should be found by all not just some. I pray for all to be blessed this is a new beginning to another chapter in life for this is my rebirth.

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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I pray for you everyday

That everything goes well

Perfect for one all should stay

Your life to be happy, nothing shall fail

For the moment the sun arises

 I wish the best upon you

So come to understand and realize

I do so because ones heart is true

As much as it may hurt to say

I may have just lost my friend

The memories we had of yesterday

Will stay with me until the very end

I shall be there for you always

When you’re in need I’ll rescue you

I once said I’ll carry you through any storm

Now you see the words I spoke were true

For selfish I shall never be

To show I care, I can not stand in ones way

Happiness upon thee I wish endlessly

That you should live each and everyday

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales