I love your curves and all your edges

Got my heart racing like no other kind

With all your perfect imperfections

Can’t keep the thought of you out my mind

Love me whole heartily is all I ask

You inspire me you’re my muse

Together as one we’ll forever last

You by my side I can’t come to lose

If I’m the moon you’re the sun

You mean everything to me

You light up my life second to none

You keep my world spinning endlessly

I’ll hold you up in your every mood

When you’re in need I’ll be around

Walk you through rain in your lowest blues

Protect you in my arms safe and sound

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


I could write you countless poems

Until the end of time beyond endless years

It’d only touch the surface of your beauty

I’m honestly being sincere my dear

For your image within a mirror

The reflection of you is only so deep

A mirror can’t contain all your beauty

You’re beyond that, you’re unique

You belong deep within the skies

Because a star is what you truly are

If beauty is the foundation

You have easily surpassed it by far

Flawless sunsets and sunrises

Can’t compare to ones angelic face

A heart that catches thee and mesmerizes

Beauty that only one has shall not waste

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel”L. Perales