My mind comes to tell me what words to lay

Sometimes full of thought release feels great

I listen to it like a performed written play

Imagination comes upon and takes me away

I see the craft spill out as I put my pen to lay

Voices in my head so many things to say

Picture not black or white but shades of grey

So I grab life by the horns and seize the day

All I need is some peace and quiet

Searching for happiness just to find a way

Perfect state of mind the moment I pray

Hard to come by, negativity I see everyday

Hurts to flip the channel see the sight of riots

Or any type of violence that isn’t okay

Product of our environment, hate we annihilate

Locked within my mind that’s the place I stay

For this world is so tainted can drive one insane

The outcome we see we have ourselves to blame

Most great art can’t come by without a touch of pain

Some don’t enjoy the sun till they’ve been through rain

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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