Beautiful is what I come to see

For the purity is within your heart

One can’t help but love you endlessly

I’ve fallen for you from the start

I’ll do all I can I promise thee

For your happiness to forever last

I love you and only you I hope you see

Come to trust in me is all I ask

My loyalty is all for only thee

When in need reach and take my hand

I come to do all for you whole heartily

I’ll carry you through any storm understand

Genuinely pure is my heart

This love I have for you shall not ever hide

Nothing will cause me to ever part

Trust and faith guides me here inside

Loving you beyond what you may realize

My heart came to beat for you from start

For I saw the nature of your love in your eyes

I would never come to dare depart

I’m sincere I’ll forever be here

Through the storms one may come to face

Together we must break apart the fear

I’ll light the way when in a dark place

I bring upon you my love

I’m not going anywhere understand

I have faith and pray to God above

By your side I’ll forever stand

Feel my heart for the love I bring upon you

My love for you shall remain steadfast

Until the end of time my love always true

Your wish of happiness I come to cast

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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