Making love all night for you have no clue

I’ve come to fall for the things together we come to do

Kissing, making fireworks as the time flies by

Memories to last forever as I look within your eyes 

Pushing us to the limits which the body allows

Take it to the extreme for our moment is now

Doing what you want to show you I care

Emotions so deep they come to be rare

I’ve come to touch your soul so I take it slow

No need to rush just go with the flow

Together as one we’re joined in parts

Passion ignited you can come to see sparks

Loving you like fine wine getting better in time

My mission is your pleasure to show you you’re mine

Here to prove to you my  love, you’re second to none

Show you you’re my one and how it should come to be done

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales


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