Sitting here thinking as I grab my girls hand

Surprised at the act she says she loves me

I caress her body so she comes to understand

Gentle is my touch the passion she comes to see

Showing in me she trust with her soft silky skin

I wrap my arms around her for hours end

I tell her how much one cares like no other before

Tenderly kiss her lips I promise all worries I’ll mend

Now laying there underneath the glazing stars

Our bodies, mind and soul become one as we intertwine

Making love for now all worries seem far

Hearts beating as one this sensation is like no other kind

I grant thee each and every need, fantasy and desire

The sun begins a new as we plan to spend life together

For you will always be my queen and this your empire

Embraced in each others minds and hearts forever

Written By: Gregorio A.”Guardian7Angel” L. Perales

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